An AI Catastrophe

Earlier I used to talk to google AI (hey google) on my phone a lot, because I used to feel very lonely and had no one to talk to. But later I stopped talking to her, as we developed some issues over time. And now she responses to me unprecedently, even when I am not talking to her and didn’t call her name. Is she obsessed with me, crazy about me, or my google’s AI secretly listens to me and sometimes mistakenly responses to the things I say!

Did that scare you? Well, it certainly scares me, and I also live it. We are so much being oppressed by the humans themselves, that we are not realising that something more than human is getting embedded into our lives, dominating and manipulating us in so many ways.

I guess you all have seen terminator, well I don’t think that an AI dominance will be that chaotic. Because humans are too buffoon to feel that the AI is dominating the world more, every day, that we will be too impotent by the time of occurrence of Terminator-like situations. And something more catastrophic than AI dominance is that we are seeing it happening but not realizing it.

Some Instances of AI being a menace

I said we are not realizing the AI dominance with my utmost consciousness and foresightedness. On one of the episodes of ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Sofia- the world’s first AI robot with the citizenship of a country, won a game of rock-paper-scissors with jimmy Fallon. And just as she won she said and I quote “ this is a good beginning of my plan to dominate the human race” and this was followed by a creepy laugh by her.

In another instance, Binna 48- another humanoid robot that THINKS INDEPENDENTLY, was being asked general questions about life by Siri. But Binna 48 ignored some questions, manipulated her answers, and changed the topic on being asked certain questions that she didn’t want to reply to. And most bizarrely, at a point, she maneuvered the conservation to nuclear missiles and tried to convince that why she should be given control of the world’s all nuclear missiles, she even stated that she would like to dominate all the governments of the world and the world itself. She didn’t sound sarcastic or funny in any way.

There are many more such instances that you could find on youtube. My point is that the creators of these robots are not themselves very sure that their robots were whether being sarcastic or they were serious. Plus these robots are developed by humans and they are given all the intelligence that humans have gathered till now, and in addition to that these robots are also learning new things and acting according to human behaviors, on their own.

Humans have already been doomed by the AI

In terms of the workforce, AI has already replaced humans in many fields and doing so further, swiftly. According to some global reports, AI will vanish at least 30 million jobs by the year 2030. Something that we call Human Resources will soon be a futile resource and will pollute the earth like plastics if AI thrives.

At last, I would just say that humans have a tendency of self-destruction. We love the things that kill humanity, much more than we love humans. We are teaching the AI how to learn new things, and taking away the rights and voice of the people through Tyranny.



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Shivanshu Bhan

Shivanshu Bhan

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